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The Student Internship Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving back to the community and students by providing resources needed to get involved and gain experience in  internships, volunteering, and unique collegiate courses of various fields of study. We help students find interesting and rewarding summer and year-round programs giving them the best chance at achieving their career goals. And if you are looking to open up new internship opportunities, recruit, or mentor in the Bay Area, we can coordinate that process as well!  Sign up today to take the first step to your future!


Stay up to date with new requirements due to COVID-19

Many colleges are changing their standardized testing requirements due to the coronavirus pandemic, so we should compile a list of the changed requirements for as many schools as possible. Before you post the updates for a school, please check to make sure it hasn’t been done already. For state schools, such as the UC system or the Cal State system , just post them under headings the “UC system.”


Work With the Best

Here at The Student Internship Network we help connect students with rewarding experiences in the Bay Area. We work with companies and professionals to provide you with resources to find internships and mentoring opportunities. Head over to Programs to find the the right assignment best suited for your qualifications and skills.