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Robocats Robotics is a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized under the Nonprofit Corporation Law of California to supply our nation’s youth with the tools to explore various branches of engineering and technological business. We believe that STEM is extremely important to today’s society. In fact, as affirmed in a stud by Professor Cher C. Hendricks and Dr. Meltem Alemdar of the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as Dr. Tamra Williams Ogletree of the University of West Georgia, participation in Robotics programs has greatly impacted society.


“Over 75% of students reported they were interested in taking additional math or science classes in high school or college, and almost 83% said they were interested in taking engineering courses in college. Also, 87% of students reported they were more interested in having a job in a STEM or computer field, and just under 75% of Team Leaders perceived students were more interested in pursuing these careers. Students said they wanted to learn more about robotics (92%), engineering (90%), and computer programming (89%) because of participation in VRC.”


Many studies such as this have shown that participation in Robotics programs has had a profoundly positive impact on students’ GPA. Students have not just become more technically and technologically intelligent, but they have actually started to master language and creativity. Students that previously struggled with math and science have become adept in these subjects, while also seeing a boost in performance in the humanities and fine arts.


However, millions of students in our country have never touched a computer, written code, or built a robot. They have never considered becoming an engineer, a scientist, or a mathematician. They have seriously restricted the scope of their lives and much of it is not their fault. For millions of American students, money is a serious limitation. Schools and families in areas all over the country do not have enough funding or money to provide children with the proper resources they need to learn and thrive. Moreover, schools cannot even consider opening up Robotics programs because of the serious lack of money and resources to do so.


Many individuals living in the Bay Area do not consider these issues to be pertinent in their area. However, they are incorrect - and by a huge amount. Thousands of students in the Silicon Valley - the thriving metropolis of technology - have never been exposed to Robotics and STEM programs for solely financial reasons. Thousands of school districts in the Silicon Valley - the flourishing technological hotspot with a huge focus on STEM-based education - do not have the resources to support such programs.


This is why Robocats Robotics was created - to provide schools and families with an opportunity to dig themselves out of the glaring issue of poverty; to encourage students to explore any field they desire and get the most out of their childhood educational experience; to build inspiring programs and safe communities together with students, brick by brick.


The Robocats Robotics Internship is perfect for students interested in robotics, finance, or education. As interns at Robocats Robotics, students will work with impoverished school districts to finance and set up Robotics programs, as well as teach classes in Robotics and engineering and coordinate Robotics teams. 


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