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Education is the premise of progress, the foundation of success, the source of power, and a catalyst for change. Each year, education reduces the risk of conflict by approximately 20% and increases a country’s GDP by almost 5%. Education increases an individual’s earnings by an average of 10%, and has saved 30 million lives from the fatal cruelties of child labor. 
Unfortunately for over 150 million children around the world, education is not an option. Across the globe, over 750 million adults are illiterate, 80% of children from low-income nations are uneducated, and 3 billion individuals are forced to suffer in the inescapable cycle of poverty.
SPARK (Students Promoting Action, Responsibility, and Knowledge) is an organization that was created to solve these problems. Spark's general mission is to provide educational, occupational, and financial assistance, opportunities, and resources to the world’s homeless, underprivileged, and young individuals. On the youth services side, Spark operates with the goal of closing the gap between poor neighborhood public schools and wealthy private schools by offering free student-led classes to underprivileged individuals in advanced fields such as business, marketing, and technology. On the homeless and underprivileged side, Spark works with homeless shelters, job-finding services, and other organizations and educational institutions to educate the homeless in virtually any course they are interested in, help secure jobs for them, and at times provide financial assistance to them.
In just a few months, Spark has expanded internationally to six states and four other countries. 
Interns at Spark can volunteer on the youth services program, the homeless and underprivileged program, or both! Interns can serve as teachers, as part of the relations team (which contacts various institutions such as homeless shelters and secures partnerships for Spark), or as general volunteers. 
As we say at Spark: "sparks ignite passion, and passion inspires change." Provide a spark to your community by joining us as an intern! 


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Spark Incorporated Internship