Stanford University Mathematics Camp

The SUMaC courses focus on pure mathematics—that is, mathematics that is motivated independently of ties to other sciences—nonetheless, important applications are introduced and pursued along the way. The SUMaC courses are not for credit or grade—they are designed for pure mathematical enrichment.

SUMaC offers two courses with unique topics for each course. Participants are enrolled in just one program during the summer, and the two programs allow participants to potentially return for a second summer. The two programs take place simultaneously from July 15–August 10, 2019.

Both programs feature the research project where participants pursue course topics in greater depth. This project is one of the highlights of SUMaC. For this activity, participants initially work in groups under the leadership of the Teaching Assistants, and using journal articles, advanced textbooks, and other materials. At the end of the course, participants give presentations on their topics to their peers, giving them experience in the important activity of communicating mathematics.

SUMaC is funded, in part, by the American Mathematical Society Epsilon Fund and by the Stanford Department of Mathematics.

    Stanford University Mathematics Camp