theCodeMatrix Internship

Get involved in your community this summer by teaching youth! Earn volunteer hours, network with peers and industry professionals, and most importantly – spread you passion for creativity, collaboration and computer programmind and make an impact in your community! See you in theMatrix.


theCodeMatrix is a student-run nonprofit that strives to prepare kids K-8 for a future in which we frequently interact with machines and a world where the arts and humanities are increasingly intersecting with technology. Our high-school level student-volunteers teach kids to think like programmers through games, activities and creativity, communication, collaboration and community.

theCodeMatrix Internship

  • San Francisco Bay Area

    • Village Square Library
    • Tully Library
    • Calabazas Library
    • Fremont Main Library
    • Sunday Friends 

    Open to starting new branches in new communities!

  • To Apply:

    Please fill out the volunteer application form and schedule your 15 minute interview through the link provided in the form. We will get back to you in 1-2 days. Visit for more information.