Mission Statment

Gaining real-world experience can be hard. Make it easy with The Student Internship Network. We help students improve their career opportunities by finding great internships, either temporary, part-time or full time, within our growing network of professionals. Whatever your list of skills and qualifications, we can find the experience perfect for you. 

Meet the Team

Web Developer

Veda is currently a senior at Cupertino High School. She has been coding since 7th grade and is very passionate about it. Besides working at the Student Internship Network she enjoys playing basketball and reading. Her job at this Network is to keep the website updated and through the Student Internship  Network she hopes to connect with the community and help students around the Bay Area find internships perfect for them.


Lisa is the President of the Student Internship Network. She is a senior at Monte Vista High School and joined the Network during her freshman year as part of the marketing team. As part of the networking team, Lisa hopes to connect students to their dream jobs and internships. Outside of the Student Internship Network, Lisa enjoys reading, running, and volunteering at John Muir Hospital.

Event Planner

Hi! My name is Muskan and I’m a freshman at UC Santa Barbara. I love working with other students to help them achieve their dreams and get to where they want to be in life! I’ve been with the SIN for some time now and I’m passionate about planning events and making sure students are getting the resources they need. 


Srila is an 11th grader at Mission San Jose High School. She’s loved writing since she was fourteen, when she picked the art up. Since then, she’s been involved in her community newsletter and personal social media projects. As a blogger, she hopes to spread the word about new, promising opportunities that pop up. Apart from the Student Internship Network, Srila enjoys watching movies, playing the trumpet, tutoring elementary age kids, and photography.