The University of California System

  • For all students, the SAT and ACT will be “test-optional” in the admissions process until 2022. Students who don’t submit a test score won’t be penalized. 

  • For the 2023 and 2024 school years, the UC will not consider test scores from California students for admissions purposes.  

  • California students can still submit test scores to become eligible through the “statewide guarantee admissions,” which combines high school grades and test scores to give students a spot in any campus that has space if the student is in the top nine percent of applicants. 


  • Students can submit their test scores for certain scholarships and placement in courses.

  • Out-of-state students will be governed by the “test-optional” rules until 2024.

  • The essay and writing portions of the SAT and ACT requirements are  dropped beginning next year (2021)

  • Non-resident students may still have to take the SAT or ACT in 2025 and beyond. They may also be able to take UC-designed test if it’s ready in time. The rules for non-resident students, who make up nearly 20 percent of undergraduates, are an open question.